Foot Truck Live Podcast


We all love football. Don’t we? During the rainy autumn of 2019, we decided to create a podcast for football fans. But we mean real fans. That’s why we decided to go narrow and created 5 separate formats published on one channel. The foot Truck Live was the series of:

  • Calcio Truck dedicated to Italian National League
  • Bundes Truck for all the Shalke or Bayern Muenchen fans
  • Foot Truck United for those who are Manchester
  • El Truck for the Spanish National League

An hour talks for fans, led by the top-notch commentators from Polish TV networks. Just three weeks after the launch Foot Truck Live reached the TOP 3 in the Spotify’s Sports Category in Poland. With a great community built around that, we also had an accompanying YT channel, where all the talks were broadcasted live.




The Foot Truck Live Podcast was co-produced with Storia by Abstra