Jacek Santorski / APP Podcast


The Values Consulting Group was founded in 2006 by Dominika Kulczyk and Jacek Santorski. Currently it is managed by Jacek Santorski. The Values team is a group of managers, who conduct educational and consulting projects. One of its kind in Poland.

Jacek Santorski, currently a social and business psychologist, conducted psychotherapy for 20 years (co-creator of the Laboratory of Psychological Education), after which he became a personal advisor of Polish entrepreneurs and executive boards of companies functioning in Poland. Graduate of the Warsaw University, Honorary Professor of the Warsaw University of Technology Business School, where he coordinates his original postgraduate study – the Academy of Leadership Psychology.


Series of 32 thought leadership talks with high executives and thought leaders in Poland. Focused on digital transformation, leadership, legacy, management in turbulent times, empathy and balancing work, and private life.

The scope of works included:

  • Concept development, topics research, and guests casting
  • Branding
  • Audio works (recording, postproduction, publication)
  • Visuals including photos, videos, small graphic assets
  • Hosting